Weekend Service

WeekendService Telephone care protects you against the loss of over 15% of your calls

At NordicCall, we are proud to be the Call Center that oversees all Call Centers in Denmark, it is even in several areas including the longest standard opening hours which ensure your company Telephone manning and customer service for your customers even at the weekend.

But it is also in the IT part, where we offer, among other things, a number of services that give your customers a better experience or the opportunity to express their comments on a call that comes all the way to you as the customer thinks they are in contact with.

A few of the things NordicCall offers are, among other things

The statistics speak for themselves – If you have closed Customer Service at the weekend, you will probably lose many calls

The pattern of customers has changed over the past few years and therefore it is almost mandatory to be present at the weekend in order to provide your customers with good customer service.

At NordicCall, we have offered our customers 24/7 service, which is why we also analyze all calls that come in via our customers 24/7, so we can see that on Saturdays 11.87 percent of all telephone inquiries of the week come in and on Sundays and lucky days that 4.62 percent of the week’s telephone inquiries come in.

This means that companies that choose to keep their phone service closed at the weekend risk losing over 15% of the week’s calls – It can seem completely crazy when you measure it against the costs of keeping the phones open these days.

Even if you are not present in the company yourself or are only present to a limited extent during the weekend, you can still be there for the customer by using Nordiccall’s WeekendService at no extra cost. 

Be present when the customers are there

Telephone answering at the weekend has become more and more popular, today companies are not only open on the phones on weekdays between 8:00-16:00, but both in the evening and at the weekend, therefore many companies use an external partner to handle their phone answering in the evening and at the weekend, as this is economically much more advantageous than having to man the phones themselves without have to compromise on quality.

NordicCall offers phone answering service at the weekend without our customers having to pay extra for this as one of the few answering service companies in Denmark, this means that as part of their subscription our customers can get answering service on all regular Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but additional phone time can be purchased. 

One of the many advantages of BeskedService
  • By using NordicCall's BeskedService there is a lot of money to be saved.
  • With NordicCall, you ensure satisfied and loyal customers who are well served and will recommend you to others. You will therefore have a competitive advantage compared to other companies that today do not have a clear strategy in connection with answering incoming calls to the company.

There are many more advantages to using NordicCall Telefonpasning for your company – Read about them here .

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