Switching service

With transfer service or transfer service as it is also called, our secretarial team ensures that all calls are transferred to the correct department or employee in the company.

OmstillingService is our most used service, it is used by over 70% of our answering service customers, the service is suitable for all types and sizes of companies. It is from the very small one-person company that has a job on the side to companies with several thousand employees.

OmstillingService can be adapted to the needs of your company and employees on so many parameters that it is the ideal service for the majority of customers who need telephone assistance.

Contact us here and let’s have a dialogue about how the service fits your particular needs. 

How does it work?

It’s very simple, we receive the company’s call, it can be both permanent or in case of overflow, when the call comes through to us, our secretarial team will investigate who your customer should speak to, if there is any doubt, then together with the customer finds the employee or department based on the customer’s problem.

In addition to who the customer should speak to, our secretarial team will also get information about what the call is about or the necessary information that your staff will need to be able to receive the call and help the customer further. Our secretarial team will then try to transfer the call to the employee or the department, this can happen in 2 ways either as a soft transfer, where our secretarial team talks to your staff before the transfer, or as a hard transfer, here our secretarial team will not talk to your staff before .

It is of course always up to the individual person which type of transfer they want, it is also up to you how many people or departments should be tried to transfer to before we withdraw the customer to accept a message. 

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What is the difference between soft and hard transition?

When we make a hard transfer, the customer is transferred to your employee immediately without us talking to the employee beforehand, this also means that we can no longer manage the call, the customer is now exclusively in your system. If a soft changeover is made, then we have the customer in our system until we have made contact with one of your employees who has agreed to receive the call and can thereby help the customer further.

How many employees can you try to transfer each call to?
There are basically no limits to how many of your employees we can try to transfer a call to, but this requires that all employees to whom the call is to be transferred have selected soft transfer as the transfer option, as we cannot try to transfer a hard transferred call to more than one employee.
What do you do if there are no available employees?
When we make a soft transition and have tried the employees who will be able to help the customer further, but have not been able to get in touch with anyone, the call will automatically be changed to a message service, which is why we will also inform the customer that everyone is busy and that in return for a message that is sent to the employees who must be informed.
Can you see if the employees are busy with another call?
It is basically not possible to see if an employee has been called by another call unless your system/provider offers that we can retrieve this information via an API solution, if this is the case then we can set up the solution for a set-up fee, and thereby We do not attempt to transfer a call to this employee.
Can you see if the employees are at a meeting or out of the house?
All your employees have access to a calendar system and if the employee uses our calendar, we can see the information immediately and the employee will thereby be removed from the transfer group.
Can you call the employees in a certain order?
Yes, it is possible to prioritize employees and they will also be called in that order. If everyone is to be called randomly, then they will be placed in a combined ring group and contacted in random order, but it can also be set up so that the person with the first call attempt in the group is the one who is called first.