Single day service

BeskedService is the perfect telephone answering solution for companies of all sizes. Especially entrepreneurs who work part-time with their business can benefit from BeskedService.

BeskedService is an ideal solution if, for one reason or another, you cannot receive a call for a shorter or longer time. Then our competent secretaries will receive the call and ensure that the company’s employees receive an SMS/E-mail with the message, so that they can process it when they have the opportunity.

Your customers therefore always experience good service, even if they do not get through to you, as they know that the call will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Single day service

Single-day Service is the ideal solution for companies that do not have a great need for telephone assistance, but nevertheless occasionally – up to a few times a month – may need telephone assistance in the event of, for example, absences, internal courses, company parties or the like.

With EnkeltdagsService, you can get telephone assistance without incurring any fixed costs for a monthly subscription, as you know from traditional telephone assistance. 

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New ways of thinking about prices for single-day telephone care

With Single Day Service, NordicCall has come up with a completely new idea for companies that have a limited need for answering the phone.

There is neither a monthly subscription nor a fee to be paid for each of the days you use the phone service, but only for your calls via our clip card scheme.

So if you need telephone assistance for 3 days in a month and have had a total of 4 calls, you only pay for the 4 calls and you have no additional costs.

– We call that fair and reasonable business for everyone. 

Telephone answering with Single Day Service at NordicCall without restrictions

When you have telephone assistance with our Single Day Service, there are no restrictions in relation to using NordicCall.

You can switch the company’s phones to NordicCall one day every 3 months, or you can do it daily – you can switch the company’s phones for e.g. 10 minutes each day or all of our normal opening hours, namely from 8:00-22:00 on weekdays and 9:00-18:00 at weekends.

We do not think in terms of limitations, but only in solutions. So when the company needs it, you switch the phones to NordicCall, where our competent secretaries are ready to help your customers, and you only pay for the calls that are received.