With OverflowService, we ensure that your customers can always get through to a competent employee quickly, even if you have more calls than you have the manpower to handle.

We will help customers directly and answer their questions, or help them forward to the right employee/department, depending on your wishes and the customer’s needs. 

Get all calls answered!

Overflow is a completely normal part of any company’s customer service. Even if you try to influence customers by informing them of when the phones are least busy, the risk of overflow will always be present.

In case of overflow, many companies will let their customers experience a busy tone, an answering machine or a longer waiting time before getting through – Studies have shown that with a busy tone or answering machine, up to 70% of non-existent customers will find an alternative solution, which can be a costly affair. 

All calls have a value

With Overflow Service at NordicCall, your customers will get through to a service-minded and competent employee who will be able to handle your calls, so that customers will not experience a busy tone, answering machine or long waiting time.

With Overflow Service at NordicCall, our secretaries will either help the customer directly or put the call through to the right employee/department. If there is a call, an SMS/e-mail will be sent with information about the call, so that your employees can handle the call when they have the opportunity.


BeskedService is the perfect telephone answering solution for companies of all sizes. Especially entrepreneurs who work part-time with their business can benefit from BeskedService.

BeskedService is an ideal solution if, for one reason or another, you cannot receive a call for a shorter or longer time. Then our competent secretaries will receive the call and ensure that the company’s employees receive an SMS/E-mail with the message, so that they can process it when they have the opportunity.

Your customers therefore always experience good service, even if they do not get through to you, as they know that the call will be taken care of as soon as possible. 

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