Telephone Answering

Telephone answering outsourcing ensures your customers the same good service

At NordicCall, we are deeply grateful every time a customer chooses us as a supplier of their customer service and telephone answering solutions, as we know how important the first impression is, also when it comes to telephone calls. It is therefore important to us that our secretarial team hit the spot every time, whether it is our answering the phone, customer service or live chat support, as we know that we only have one attempt to ensure that your customers have the best experience . That is why our secretaries always work with great commitment and respect every time they answer a phone call on behalf of our customers.
At NordicCall, we guarantee that your customers will experience optimal customer service every time, which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. We have one of the market’s lowest average response times – Our goal is that 95% of all our calls are answered by our secretary within 5 seconds, which we continuously ensure is met.
Good customer service requires constant adaptation
At NordicCall, we know that our telephone and written services can be measured directly on our customers' bottom line. That is why it is our biggest priority to ensure that your customers experience good and competent customer service every time. In order to be able to answer your calls as personally and competently as possible, we assign a number of permanent secretaries to your company. The number obviously depends on the number of calls. In this way, we ensure that your customers always feel that they get an answer immediately as well as good and personal service.
With coaching and training, we constantly ensure our good customer service
At NordicCall, we have a coach who, in close collaboration with our team leader, ensures that the secretaries always answer your calls with a smile. At NordicCall, we have provided our customers with the best customer service for over 15 years, which we ensure by continuously training our secretaries in good customer service and telephone customer handling.
Don't miss important phone calls
Not many people like talking to an answering machine. And it is even more annoying if the phone is not answered. Studies show that if a phone call is answered by an answering machine, between 50 and 70% do not want to leave a message. But there is no reason to miss important phone calls, even if you or your receptionist are busy. At NordicCall, we receive messages or orders easily and quickly. We can also offer to forward important phone calls directly to employees' mobile phones.
Launching the phone answering solution is the most important part.

There, we also have a fixed run-in process that we basically always go through with our customers - unless they want it differently.

  1. The answer is always with the welcome you want
  2. Short waiting time for customers
  3. The secretary team's tone will always reflect your wishes

There are many more advantages to using NordicCall Telefonpasning for your company - Read about them here .


The way to a better customer service

At NordicCall, it is our noblest task to deliver optimal customer service to you and your customers. Our reception is never busy and all phone calls are answered by smiling secretaries with many years of experience in telephone service. We answer your phone when you are busy, every weekday from 08.00 to 18.00. We can also provide telephone answering services outside these times – contact us for more information.

Telephone answering/Customer service FAQ

Below you can find answers to a few of the most common questions about Telephone Answering and Customer Service.
What does telephone answering mean?

In short, Telephone answering means that the company outsources answering the company's phones. It can both be permanent so that all calls are answered by NordicCall, but it can also be during peak periods or when there are meetings and holidays in the company.

Why Telephone care?

Almost all companies have customer service in one form or another - not least because customers today have greater expectations of customer service than in the past. By outsourcing telephone handling/customer service, you can ensure that your company is always available on the phone when customers need Customer Service.

Our flexible telephone handling reduces costs and gives customers a voice on the line every time. This means that customers will always be able to experience the good service, regardless of whether you are busy internally, sick or on holiday.

How much does Telephone answering cost?

Telephone answering is efficient and cheap. You only pay for the calls we answer, this means that we can sit ready to receive your calls every weekday 8am-8pm and on Saturdays 9am-4pm, but if you only make 20 calls in a month, the price is only DKK 310 . If you make more than 20 calls in a month, the other calls will cost DKK 11 per call.

Answering the phone in several languages

Telephone answering is a highly effective way to start up in new countries. We only pay for the calls we answer. In this way, you ensure that there is always someone to answer your phones, e-mails and chats, but without it costing you anything before the customers contact you.

How quickly can Telefonpasning be started?

The first time Telefonpasning is started, it can happen within a few hours, and once you have been set up, you can use the Telefonpasning service without having to notify us. You simply forward your calls when the need is there, and we ensure that there is staff to handle the calls.

24/7 telephone support

Many larger companies have 24-hour service on the telephone, but in order to avoid their own shifts being disturbed with unnecessary calls, it can be advantageous to use Telefonpasning with 24-hour service. We make sure to segment the calls so that only the relevant and necessary calls disturb your own shifts.

What is the difference between Telephone Answering and Customer Service?

Although there are many definitions of both Telephone Answering and Customer Service. Telephone answering is typically when the primary task is to change or leave a message, whereas customer service offers the opportunity to help the customer throughout the process, e.g. by helping the customer order a product, helping to answer questions, deregistering the customer, book a calendar appointment with the customer, etc.

Get a clear message

We forward all messages to you, directly from our message centre. The messages are delivered automatically, and you choose whether it should be via e-mail or SMS. With telephone answering, you ensure that your customers always get through and meet the professional secretarial service they expect.

The latest IT helps us

NordicCall’s telephone system is based on so-called IP telephony. This gives us a stable solution that is perfectly designed to give you, and not least your customers, the best service. Our system can contain advanced databases of your company, so that we are always ready to find the right answer or the right employee.