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NordicCall offers telephone assistance 24/7 in 9 different languages

BeskedService is the perfect telephone answering solution for companies of all sizes. Especially entrepreneurs who work part-time with their business can benefit from BeskedService.

BeskedService is an ideal solution if, for one reason or another, you cannot receive a call for a shorter or longer time. Then our competent secretaries will receive the call and ensure that the company’s employees receive an SMS/E-mail with the message, so that they can process it when they have the opportunity.

Your customers therefore always experience good service, even if they do not get through to you, as they know that the call will be taken care of as soon as possible.

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Telephone answering with tailored Message Service

We work with our own developed system that can be adapted to almost any situation, and we are happy to adapt our solution so that it matches your company.

With BeskedService at NordicCall, you get the opportunity to tailor your Besked form yourself. If, for example, the sales department in the company needs an order number or the support department a customer number in order to handle an enquiry, then they can add this field to the Message Form.

All companies are different with different needs, therefore at NordicCall we always adapt our service to the individual company.

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Our strong pricing concept makes it extremely economically advantageous to use BeskedService. Regardless of how many hours within our standard opening hours we are ready to answer your phones, you only pay when we answer a call. See our advantageous prices here

Extended opening hours

We offer the absolute longest opening hours within telephone answering and customer service in several of the countries we offer our service, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. If our standard opening hours are not long enough, we offer 24/7 service in all 4 countries.

No waiting times

Waiting times are today one of the most important parameters on phones. Customers generally have short patience when they call in to enter into a dialogue with the company. We offer a tailor-made solution where exactly your wishes are met regarding the maximum waiting time that can be on the phones.

Get the messages delivered when you want it and in the way you want it.

Our tailored system means that we can be incredibly flexible in relation to the way we deliver the messages to our customers’ employees. Each and every employee can customize the form we receive the message from exactly as they want it with all the fields they need, in order to return well prepared to the customer. It is also possible to design the subject field as you wish.

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With our flexible solutions, we at NordicCall can solve all the companies’ challenges within telephone answering , customer service, live chat, e-mail support and translations.

If you are still in doubt as to whether the service at NordicCall is suitable for your company, or if you need to have a dialogue about your needs, then fill in the form here and we will contact you in the desired time frame, so that together we can find it completely right solution.